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EGM Announces the Launch of EGM Digital Media Reaching More than 1.5 Million Active Social Media Users

Leading Media Publisher Introduces A New Way To Reach Gamers Via Social Media

February 14, 2011 – Beverly Hills, CA – EGM Media, LLC, the publisher of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, has announced the formation of EGM Digital Media, LLC to operate an assortment of social media assets and websites to be launched today. The first endeavor in this new venture is the re-branding of the popular social media “Daily News” gaming news pages to highlight a new association with EGM.

The ‘Daily News’ pages on Facebook are cumulatively liked by more than 1.5 million readers who collectively consume more than 35,000,000 posts about new gaming stories on a monthly basis via a collection of system and game-specific pages. EGM will now augment the existing content provided by these pages with new and exclusive information about the latest games and game developments. “We have been supplying gamers with news from some of the best gaming sites on the web through Facebook,” said Nick Baumfeld, creator of the Daily News sites. “We are very pleased to join with the EGM brand to expand on this mission.”

The EGM Digital Networks boast a strong readership profile across its social media assets, with more than 55% of users between the ages of 18-34, and more than 88% male. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters play games for more than 8 hours a week, and more than half own a minimum of 20 games (with nearly 30% owning more than 50).
“Our readers are proven game purchasers who regularly turn to Twitter and Facebook for new information that helps shape their buying decisions,” explained Steve Harris, publisher of EGM. “Nearly two-thirds of our readers rely on social media on a daily basis for their game content, and more than 80% purchase at least one new game a month – in fact, almost half indicate that they purchase a minimum of two new games each month.”

In addition to growing the existing social networking sites within EGM Digital Network’s properties, the company plans to soon introduce a revamped website to deliver timely information on the gaming space that is fully integrated with both print and digital assets, including the upcoming EGM iPad application.

“The integration of this social media strategy is just the next step in extending the brand’s reach,” Harris said. “In the weeks ahead we will be introducing new web and digital products that will allow our valued partners to reach a community of millions of gaming enthusiasts in ways that no other publisher can offer.”

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