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In the beginning, there was Electronic Gaming Monthly...

The first magazine of the modern gaming era followed the industry out of obscurity in the late eighties to become the fastest growing periodical in North America.  EGM tapped into the hearts and minds of this expanding community with uncompromising reviews, exclusive previews, and the first word on the industry's biggest developments.  For more than two decades it would maintain and build upon its dominant position as a leading independent voice for all gamers.

Now another page in the Electronic Gaming Monthly story is written with the evolution of one of the most respected publishing brands - now under the direction of its founder.  The new EGM is a hybrid experience that combines the best aspects of print, digital, and online into a single system that can be read, watched, heard, and played in a fully transportable format across multiple media devices.

The NEW Electronic Gaming Monthly is:

  • A high-quality print magazine with digital extensions that allow readers to go deeper into the stories;

  • Bonus access to hours of video, audio, downloadable content, and other exclusive programming you won't find anywhere else;

  • Special delivery of the first weekly interactive video game magazine delivered directly to our readers;

  • Up-to-the-minute updates on the latest news and developments from around the gaming world via the interface;

  • Exclusive access to reviews, blogs, articles and more from the most respected editorial names in gaming!

Electronic Gaming Monthly represents a new paradigm in publishing that integrates print and digital in brand new ways.  Find out how you can be part of the next generation of games journalism and reach our important readership base using a single option that no other source can provide.