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EGM[i]: The Digital Magazine is a new kind of publication that merges the look and feel of a magazine with the interactivity of the web.  Every issue is packed with pages of unbiased coverage -- using animation, video and audio -- that deliver the kind of reporting that separates EGM from the rest of the pack. 


For the first time EGM can be read, watched, heard and downloaded using a computer, tablet or wireless device!  Stories come alive inside an immersive platform that serves up valuable insight from some of the most talented writers to ever carry the EGM banner!


EGM[i] is sent directly to readers on a weekly basis -- providing unequaled reach and frequency.  Plus, your advertisement in the digital version of EGM includes optional interACTIVE embeds that let you provide trailers, video clips, audio files and just about any kind of digital extension imaginable!  We take your existing print creative and turn it into an interactive masterpiece, within a format that is more engaging than anything else you can find on the web! 


See for yourself how the evolution of EGM will help you sell and get a one-on-one demostration of how EGM[i] can plug you into your target demographic like no other publication!